Terror of the Caves
Terror of the Seas
Terror of the Skies
The Terrors are imposing and frightening because they look out of this world but they've always been here regardless if humanity recognizes that. Although in different forms, they began with time and will end at chaos, posing threat to only those who feel threatened. They are embodiments of the elements living in harmony with the Earth but their existence being threatened by human fear and neglect.
Working with queer drag artists further enforced the symbol of The Terrors, causing fear in the masses by just existing but without ever being given a voice to reason back. I am regaining a sense of pride, having worked with these brilliant queer individuals from my birth country because I have rarely heard about queer Romanian stories before. Although it's far from being accepted, queerness has become louder than I have ever heard it before back home.
The photo series comes alongside a fictional manifesto I wrote as a school assignment, each project inspiring and complementing each other as they both exist in the same universe.
Terror of the Caves:
Model: Tony Maraj
Hair & Make-up: Tony Maraj
Terror of the Seas:
Model: Bogdan Anghel
Hair & Make-up: Bogdan Anghel
Terror of the Skies:
Model: Nefertiddy Heaven
Hair & Make-up: Nefertiddy Heaven

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