Why even bother if you're doomed no matter what you achieve?
You're no image of god. You were made wrong from the beginning. That perfect image of what you have to be is so far into the sea that you drown before you reach it.
Stay on shore and look at yourself in the water.
You're more of a God than their god could ever be as it is fear, not hatred, making the sheep run away from you.
Redesigned these images I took 2 years ago because I was very happy with the concept but not that much with the execution of the final pieces. Very ironic considering this series was meant to represent the feeling of looking up to this perfect version of yourself you're trying to achieve but never coming close to it. You never feel good enough because you were always told you have to improve, to be better, to be the first, the best or else you didn't really achieve anything.
Model: Beatrice Lăcătuș    
Styling: Nicholas Heidel
Shot in: Reghin, Romania

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